Sunnylife Handheld Gimbal Bracket Drone Stabilizer DJI RC PRO Holder RC-N1 Mount Grip for Mavic 3 Pro/Mavic 3 Classic/Mavic 3

Item No.: M3-GZ472
- Make Mavic 3 Pro/Mavic 3 Classic/Mavic 3 Become Handheld Gimbal Camera. With our mount kit, it's just like you get a handheld gimbal camera with strong photography function of Mavic 3 Pro/Mavic 3 Classic/Mavic 3.
- Unfold drone and take selfies easier. Easily record your wonderful moments.
- Controller mount for DJI RC and RC PRO is made of CNC processed aluminum alloy. With high strength and hardness, the metal bracket is durable and safe to use.
- Multi-angles Adjustable. Adjust controller to the most comfortable view angle you like.

Name: Handheld Stabilizer Bracket for Mavic 3 Pro/Mavic 3 Classic/Mavic 3
Specification:For DJI RC/ For RC-N1/ For RC PRO
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Plastic/ Plastic/ Aluminum Alloy + Plastic
Gross weight: 70g/87/220g
Packing size: 104*85*58mm/ 117*106*57mm/182*126*66mm


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